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Welcome to El Organico Indonesia.

El Organico, Indonesia’s leading brand for High Quality Healthy Organic Products. El Organico products such as Chia Seeds and Quinoas are sourced from Andean mountain in Peru, South America.  The seeds are planted organically and thus free of GMO and 100% natural. The products are also 100% plant based which make them suitable for those diet food that are solely made from plant such as vegan and vegetarian.

El Organico Quinoa and Chia Seeds are packed with protein, fibre, and mineral that is beneficial for our body. Studies have proven that with enough protein and fibre, we will have enough energy required for our daily activities.

El Organico Products

What is it that you get when you buy El Organico?

When you purchase El Organico, you’re getting yourself an ancient grain. Grain that has seen its continuation of growing process within a span of milenia.

You also get a certified organic products by Organik Indonesia so rest assured that El Organico products are really “organic”.

El Organico products are also 100% natural, 100% gluten free. Since it is 100% plant based, it is suitable for vegan and vegetarian lifestyle.