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El Organico Chia Seeds


Chia, the word that is known in ancient Mayan for its meaning “Strength”.

These seeds are organically grown in Andean mountain. El Organico products are gluten free, high in protein, iron, magnesium and fibre.

It is tasteless and can be enjoyed as is or as an add-on to your other foods.

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El Organico White Quinoa

Quinoa seeds (read kiːnwɑː/) long known in the Peruvian land as meal replacement for rice.
Eventhough Quinoa is not coming from a grain family, but because of the shape and the high fibre contained within it, Quinoa make a great replacement for grain type carbohydrate.
Quinoa need to be rinse prior to cooking. Similar to rice, Quinoa need to be washed at least 3-4 times, aside for cleaning purpose, it is also to remove the bitter taste that originally comes with it.

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